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Welcome to Tayani Dental Group! We are a full-service general, orthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry practice. Our facility offers general dentistry treatments, which include preventive, diagnostic, as well as treatment options for an extensive range of ailments and problems that affect your gums, teeth, and dental health.

We offer minimally invasive treatments along with comprehensive dental services while working collaboratively with our patients to improve their long-term dental health. Our services also include procedures like teeth cleaning, gum therapy, crowns, implants, braces, and Invisalign for orthodontic dentistry.

Our team of specialists is devoted to using cutting-edge technology and pursuing up-to-date continuous education to ensure that they provide our clients with the best dental services. Our goal is to offer you the best available dental services, and unparalleled customer service, with personalized services at the most flexible and affordable prices.

Each time you come into our office for a consultation or even treatment, Tayani Dental Group aims to give you an unrivaled experience. Our comprehensive knowledge, pleasant ambiance, innovative equipment, and flexible financing choices are only a few of the factors why people in Fullerton, CA, prefer to come to us for their general, cosmetic, or orthodontic procedures.

Since we began our practice, we have helped countless individuals in the Fullerton region keep and improve their beautiful smiles. Despite the massive expertise we've garnered from these success stories, we recognize that every person has different needs and expectations.

Whether you are visiting our dental practice for a routine cleaning, comprehensive treatment, or any other oral procedure, you can expect compassionate treatment from our dental specialists. We only move forward once you are at ease, providing you with information on all of your alternative treatments and making sure you get enough time to ask any queries you might have without feeling pressured.

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Our Skilled and Experienced Team

Having a knowledgeable dentist who is backed by a specialist team is critical for your dental wellness. A dentist's proficiency improves with repetition, and being exposed to a wide range of patient scenarios indicates that our dentists and dental team have most certainly attended to a situation related to yours. This equals better treatment therapies for you!

The Tayani Dental Group has a qualified group of dental professionals who deliver the best service while fostering a pleasant atmosphere for their clients. These committed specialists, under the direction of Dr. Tayani, are devoted to providing dental care that is specially crafted to meet the needs of each of their patients. They prioritize building long-standing relationships with their clients and take pleasure in bringing new people to their inclusive community.

They fully educate and train patients on how to keep good dental health as part of their commitment to excellence. Problems with your gums and teeth have a big impact on your physical as well as mental health and wellness.

You can put your trust in Dr. Tayani and his colleagues at Tayani Dental Group for your dental well-being. They offer a wide range of dental services, covering all facets of general, preventative, and cosmetic dentistry.

Tayani Dental Group is a great option if you need high-quality care for a complicated problem or just want to create a relationship with a knowledgeable practitioner who has the knowledge and empathy to make your dental appointments less unpleasant.

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Specialized Dental Services

Are you searching for a Fullerton root canal specialist or dental surgeon? No matter what your particular requirements and preferences are, our skilled dental experts will help you achieve a healthier smile using leading dental procedures such as root canals and oral surgery.

Root Canal Procedure

Pulp is a type of tissue that is located in the center of the tooth. It has blood arteries and nerve cells that assist in building the adjacent tooth. Cracks, chips, frequent dental operations, tooth damage, and deterioration are all predisposing factors for pulp infections. Infected pulp causes tooth swelling, gum and tooth discomfort, and temperature sensitivity.

Your dentist will advise a root canal when you show any of these symptoms. The doctor will cleanse and seal the root canals after removing the pulp. The success rate of the treatment is often very high. Contact us today for further information.

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If you're looking for the best dentists in Fullerton for you and your family, you've come to the right place. At Tayani Dental Group, Dr. Arie Tayani and his team of specialists have provided dental care throughout the years to help patients regain their healthy and beautiful smiles. Call us today at 949-741-0795 for more information on any dental issue or procedure, or to set up an appointment.

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